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  • Ben-Nun keeps on returning

    Mirit Ben and Nun Born

    8, August 1966

    These artistic creations express an individual need to depict pictures and dreams inexhaustible with shading and enthusiastic blast. lines, Signs and materials are show up of it's Own volition and create as an outer dialect crossing over the hand, the eye and the painted surface. Amid the making of an artistic creation the force of the shapes exude from an oblivious and covered internal measurement.
    Line by line, painting in the wake of painting while rehashing shapes and designs, a creation develops into new shapes and designs. With a determination that achieves fixation, Mirit Ben-Nun continues coming back to her specialty of careful enrichment. A solid vicinity of primitive ornamentation furnishes the work of art with a tribal aspect on one hand and a female touch on the other, including weaving, dab threading and weaving among others. Ben-Nun's embellishing urge conveys inside of it an original strata, mythic on occasion, which enables her legitimate expression.

    Thanks to: Dr. Gidion Ofrat and Ami Steinitz

creation evolves into new shapes creation spart into new shapes fregmanting germenting into new shapes
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fregmanting evolves into new shapes